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The Great Albums

Jan 1, 2018

Bill and Brian are joined by guitarist and certified luthier Mike Virok ( to discuss Boston's self titled debut album (1976, Epic). Mike talks about discovering this music while his dad played side one on the tape deck while driving to his bowling league. Then Bill, Brian, and Mike get into near one-man-band Tom Scholz production, Brad Delp's important contributions as vocalist, the band's status as "corporate rock," the Real World Boston, rocking out to these songs on Guitar Hero, an elaborate scheme that resulted in a new Taylor acoustic for Delp, and more as we make our way through the album track by track!

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two and a half years ago

Great discussion! I'm one of those guys who found Boston between ages 11 - 15, yet you guys said nothing to make me jump up & down and scream at my screen. You could have gone on much longer, and I would have been all in!