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The Great Albums

May 1, 2017

Bill and Brian get to spend a nice lazy Sunday afternoon enjoying each other's company without a guest, chatting about Fiona Apple's Extraordinary Machine (2005, Epic). Brian talks about discovering Fiona's moody, electric pop sound as a disparate soundtrack to some sunny summer days. Bill notes how he first heard of this album due to the producer and label controversy surrounding its delayed release. Bill and Brian then discuss Jon Brion's original vision, the sound Mike Elizondo and Brian Kehew eventually brought to the final product, Questlove's funky drumming, seeing Fiona live on this tour, a surprising amount of lyrical analysis, and more as we make our way through the album track by track!

over two years ago

F yeah!
Accidentally found you through Spotify and I'm glad I did.

Huge Fiona fan here, and browsing through some of your other selections looks like I'm gonna lose quite some time here (Jimmy Eat World, Ben Folds Five, Norah Jones... ...)