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The Great Albums

Apr 20, 2015

In an attempt to go for the title, singer/songwriter/musician Andrew Kobenschlag of Small Planet Radio ( joins Bill and Brian for a record tying second time to talk about Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (1998, Merge). The second of only two full length studio albums released by the band. Lo-fi production, trippy lyrics, the use of instrumentals on pop records, sexual lyrics, and the zanzithophone are discussed as we talk about what makes this one of Andrew's favorite albums of all time. An odd band and a reclusive frontman are analyzed in full as we make our way through every song on the album, track by track!

jonathan shipman
five and a half years ago

Is there a better album except maybe horses by p smith

over seven years ago

I've only just discovered this great podcast and was super happy to see that you guys covered this album which is probably my favourite of all time.

I'm afraid I can't suppress my inner pedant though! I'm pretty sure the instrument you referred to as being the zanzithophone on the untitled track is actually just regular Irish bagpipes. I know a zanzithophone is featured on the album but I'm afraid I can't pick out where about it shows up. Definitely not the bagpipe sound though.

Also, it is quite possible to play a regular old carpentry saw. I stole my dads and play it with a cheap violin bow.

I'm not sure if you guys are still making these podcasts or not but I hope so because there's something super cool about hearing the discussion of albums as complete pieces of art by hosts who are clearly really passionate and knowledgeable about music. And you've covered some of my favourite bands/albums ever. As well as Neautral Milk Hotel I count The Replacements, The Cure, Bright Eyes and Arcade Fire as some of my very favourite bands.