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The Great Albums

Nov 23, 2015

Bill and Brian continue the Massive Month of Massive Albums That We Also Call Massivember by talking about Fleetwood Mac's Rumours (1977, Warner Bros.) The band's second album with its most well known lineup (and 11th overall!), found them flourishing under the leadership of guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and the mystical voice of Stevie Nicks. The band reached new heights, selling 40 million copies of this album worldwide, drawing inspiration from their recent breakups, within and without the band, and internal struggles. Bill and Brian do their best to explain the long and winding road that is the story of Fleetwood Mac and how it ended in the sound and production of this album. Along the way we share some of our own break up stories and how they led to better lives, what it would sound like if Bono and the Edge joined the Rolling Stones, Lindsey Buckingham's chops, what the band lacks on their 2003 album Say You Will, "easy listening," the Goo Goo Dolls, and as always a track by track review!

eight and a half years ago

Enjoyed the episode very much! Some great observations and commentary. Just wanted to give you another version of 'I Don't Want To Know' - a Fleetwood Mac-less Buckingham Nicks one at that... (Just scroll down to the 1975 Tuscaloosa tracks). Some other songs you'll know (Rhiannon, Monday Morning, Never Going Back Again, etc) also make early appearances. Fun listens.

Also, I'm not sure how much you've heard of the early versions of The Chain but it's fascinating to hear its early separate parts, as found on the 2013 deluxe reissue of the album. A working tape actually exists in bootleg form, where you can hear them working out harmonies too. Fascinating insight into the process.

'The Chain':
'Keep Me There':

Also, VERY worth hearing from that deluxe reissue is an acoustic duet version of 'Never Going Back Again' (not on YouTube) and the demo of 'Planets of the Universe' (, a track which ended up on a 2001 album of Stevie's.