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The Great Albums

Mar 26, 2015

Guitarist extrodinaire and all around wonderful person Jim McGee joins Brian and Bill to share his exceptionally well told stories about his experiences with Neil Young and as a fan of On the Beach (1974, Reprise). No lie, this is one of our favorite episodes ever. We talk about how Jim searched far and wide for this album, eventually finding a vinyl taco with a surprise inside!

Neil the Speller
almost seven years ago

Also, it's great to be kind of a jerk with typos all over the place.

Neil Thompson
almost seven years ago

Hey guys,
I love this album. I think you guys love the his album, but got to say you are all over the place on facts. And it's simple stuff, like story details (how Neil Young met Steve Stills), lyrics (skipping lines here and there), gear details, etc. This is pretty known stuff by now, and easily researchable. Man, I want to like this podcast, but get it together, eh?