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The Great Albums

Dec 7, 2015

Small Planet Radio's Andrew Kolbenschlag (vocals, guitar, and keys) joins Brian and Bill as our first guest in a month (!) to talk about New Jersey natives The Gaslight Anthem and their album The '59 Sound (2008, Side One Dummy). On their sophomore effort, the band matured into the Springsteen-by-way-of-punk-rock sound that had made them stand out on their previous release. Drawing on punk rock energy, classic guitar tones, and bittersweet anthems about youth, the band found a voice that they could call their own. Bill, Brian, and Andrew discuss how they got into the music, the band's image and how curated it might be, listening to punk as you get older, appealing to a Rock'n'Roll audience (note the capital Rs), Ted Hutt's transparent production, Brian trying to get to second base at Corey Beach on Long Island, what makes this album great, and as always a track by track review!