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The Great Albums

Dec 4, 2017

Bill and Brian count down their top 10 albums of 2017. As has become our custom, Bill defers to Brian to give us a list of 10 hip, cool albums that came out in the past calendar year. Stay tuned for next week's episode in which we'll have another all new, all different top 10!

Paul King
six and a half years ago

Great list. Love the podcast.

Jo Fleischer
six and a half years ago

For a podcast rooted in classic rock, I was disappointed to hear so much funereal acoustic warblers, plus Bjork (really? Bjork!) and Charlotte Gainesborgh’s disco stylings? You don’t like rock anymore? You didn’t fall in love seeing a band live that you’d never heard of before. Greta Van Fleet Compltely escaped your notice? You didn’t like Run the Jewels 3. How ‘ bout the new Pallbearer record? Royal Blood’s not amazing to you? What’s that? Oh, those weren’t on Paste Magazine’s list? Not highly rated or rated at all by CoS? That’s all we count now? Why don’t you go back to the hipster’s lists from 2007 to see how many you consider classics now. Spin Bjork’s early 2000s albums to remind yourself of how amazing they remain today. Rock isn’t dead and Father John Misty is the Pied Piper is boring A F.