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The Great Albums

Mar 12, 2015

Go big or go home, boys. So we went with one of the biggest albums, both sonically and in legacy, that has ever existed. Writer and director of The Once and Future Nerd ( Christian Madera skypes in to help Bill and Brian tell you what makes Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run (1975, Columbia) so great. But seriously, do we really need to tell you? Just listen to that darn thing! A masterpiece. Unfortuantely, our recording didn't come out quite as flawless. There was a skype call drop that we couldn't quite cleanly edit out, so please forgive our minor production snafu. Now let's go murder some lions!

five and a half years ago

Hey - I found you guys via r/BruceSpringsteen - great work! Consider me a fan - I've added a link to you guys on my fanblog I'd love you to hear you guys break down more Springsteen albums in the future (and if you ever need a guest, drop me a line).